Scarf Care

Your scarves will retain their original beauty for a very long time with proper care. Here are some tips and guidelines to take care of them.

Our Scarves

All our modal cashmere scarves are bordered with a small fringe edge. Excessive handling of your scarf can cause individual strings of fabric to tray lose over time, as this is a natural occurrence with an open fringe edge. Do not pull at the threads, as this can cause damage. Carefully trim the strands of fabric to the length of the fringe edge and this will maintain a clean and even edge.

If you would like to remove the labels from your cashmere modal scarves, it is strongly recommended to use a pair of small, sharp cuticle scissors to carefully undo the thread stitch from the label and avoid creating holes in your scarf. Remove the stitch from the thread attached to the label - NOT the scarf material.

If you would like to remove the labels from your cashmere and silk scarves (Rundi Collection), it is strongly advised that you trim the label off closest to the stitch line. Some of the label will still be attached to the scarf material. This will avoid producing snags and holes in the fabric. 

Scarf Storage

It is always best to store your scarves away from sunlight to prevent discolouration. Storing your scarves draped over hangers is ideal to keep them from wrinkling or showing creases. Keeping them loosely folded on a shelf or in a drawer is fine as well. If you're travelling with your scarf in a suit case, be sure to store them in a large zip lock bag or a dust bag to prevent potential snags happening from being caught in your zipper!

Scarf Cleaning

Always check the care label on your scarves to ensure the safest cleaning method is followed. Leo + Clive cashmere and modal scarves must be dry cleaned for the best results. Use an iron set on low heat if your scarf becomes wrinkled. Our cashmere and silk scarves can be hand washed and lay flat to dry.