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Today I’d like to share five of my favourite fashion influencers that have amazing blogs and Instagram profiles to follow. While some of them don’t have blogs, their Instagram accounts are just as inspiring. After all, doesn’t a picture say a thousand words?

1. Atlantic Pacific - @blaireadiebee | – by Blair Eadie

Atlantic Pacific

Blair is the epitome of fashion inspiration at its finest. One picture is more beautiful than the last. She has a feminine, timeless elegance about her style, with (as she puts it) “a hint of quirk”. I’ve been following her for over five years and have truly enjoyed watching her style evolve over time.

Her blog consists of an endless myriad of images in her gorgeous ensembles with stunning backdrops. Here you can find where to purchase her featured looks, or pieces that are similar. She posts daily on Instagram and I guarantee you will enjoy every one of them.

Originally from San Francisco, hence the name Atlantic Pacific, she started as a merchandiser at the Gap and always had a passion for styling. Her boyfriend at the time (now fiancee) is a professional photographer that would shoot looks she put together just for fun. Later a job opportunity at Tory Burch brought her move to New York City, where she currently resides. She has acquired countless sponsorships through the years, and when you take one look at her blog and Instagram profiles, it's not a wonder why!


2. Something Navy - @somethingnavy | – by Arielle Charnas

Something NavyArielle has mastered an effortless, casual-chic New York street-style. I’ve been following this gorgeous gal for a few years now and can't wait to see what she’s going to put on next. I really like how she mixes modest brands with high fashion. Her major splurges go towards shoes, handbags and coats, which undoubtedly give her outfits that 'wow' factor. And what’s great about her blog is that she always shows alternative, more affordable options to her featured pieces.

Arielle is a full-time Blogger of Something Navy (and Mama), and her career has totally taken off in the last couple years. She has sponsorships galore, has been summoned for personal appearances at the high-end fashion department stores like Saks for fans to meet and greet, and is regularly featured on Style Code Live for her recommendations on seasonal fashion trends, tours of her closet and so much more. She’s made it as a fashion blogger and I think you’ll enjoy following her for some fabulous outfit inspiration.


3. Wendy’s Lookbook - @wendyslookbook | – by Wendy Nguyen 

You probably already know Wendy from the AMAZING, most-viewed scarf styling video: “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!”. If you haven’t, watch it below - it’s SO good! 


I love that Wendy differentiates her content creation through YouTube videos. She has several tutorials walking through seasonal trends, must-have wardrobe essentials and how to outfit for different occasions. Following her on Instagram will surely inspire your wardrobe purchases for the season!


4. Dine and Fash - @dineandfash | – by Krystle Ng-A-Mann

Dine and FashCan we talk about this name, first of all? It’s so clever for a food and fashion blog! This fabulous lady is a fellow Canadian living in Toronto. She is SUPER likeable and extremely admirable. Krystle is a corporate lawyer by day and a foodie, traveller, blogger, and fiancée planning a wedding every moment in between. Sister has time management down to a ‘T’. You know if someone is going to put this much on a to-do list they must be passionate about what they do - and this is every bit evident in her blog. She’s only been blogging for a year and has amassed over 15,000 followers on Instagram, has several sponsorships, and receives invitations to all the Toronto A-list events, like Fashion Week! She MUST be good, am I right? 

Things I love most about her blog:

  • Great writer
  • Honest
  • Writes fair reviews on restaurants, spas and brands
  • Offers fabulous restaurant recommendations in Toronto that never disappoint
  • Speaks from her heart (talks about her insecurities, fears, etc. that make her relatable and approachable)
  • Her fashion posts cover the trends she loves AND things we all grapple with in life’s daily grind (i.e. time management, making changes in life to pursue what we want most, detoxing, etc.)
  • She responds to almost everyone's comments on her blog and Instagram


5. The Edge of Lovely - @theedgeoflovely – by Cedar Atkins 

The Edge of LoveyI recently discovered this yummy mummy on Instagram and I’m so glad I did. Her style reflects exactly what her Instagram name implies – a sophisticated woman encapsulating a modern yet effortless casual chic to her style. She has edge and she's definitely lovely. Cedar is a fellow Canadian, based in Vancouver with two young boys. She has a personal wardrobe styling business and started posting her looks on Instagram in 2014 to build some online credibility. It brought her many unexpected opportunities to work with many cool brands and she has gained a following to over 32,000 people in the process! She is considering to venture in the blogging territory sometime this year if her busy schedule permits.

 I love her style so much that I asked her to collaborate with me for a contest giveaway on Instagram for Leo + Clive, which is coming up in January. Stay tuned!

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