The Moto Jacket: A Wardrobe Staple?

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When the Moto jacket became a fashion must-have, I thought it would be one of those passing trends that would surely be over once the season came to an end. But it just keeps coming back! It's not a style that's going away anytime soon, and I don't have to wonder why. These jackets are so versatile in what you can wear with them and they really add a forward and edgy twist to your more basic outfitting (if you're anything like me). 

Being a Mom on the run, I really don't have much time to put a lot of thought into my style everyday. I definitely want to look good and be current, but in a more effortless pursuit. Take your most basic ensemble: black denim and a white tee, for example. Throw on your Moto and voila: you're effortlessly street-chic!

Leather Moto Jacket

It doesn't stop there. The Moto jacket is definitely a more masculine piece and my absolute favourite look is when they are paired with the more feminine items in your closet, like a dress or a skirt.

.Moto Jacket with Dress

Moto Jacket with Skirt

It can completely transform an entire outfit: anything from a tee and a pair of distressed denim shorts or even the comfort of your athleisure! 

Moto Jacket with Shorts

Moto Jacket with Sweat suit

There are so many iterations of the Moto jacket, like the one Cedar Atkins (personal stylist from the @edgeoflovely) is wearing in shearling. She coupled this warm winter Moto with a Leo + Clive scarf, Midnight Blossom, to mix a spring-like feel with her winter wear. The scarf also adds a nice touch of femininity and pop of colour to the modern edge this jacket so beautifully bestows.

Shearling Moto Jacket

In short, you can't go wrong with including a Moto in your wardrobe. They go with anything and everything and you don't have to spend a lot of money if you're not looking to splurge. Zara has so many options in varying colours under $100! 

Fashion Leo + Clive Moto Jacket Scarf Trends

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  • I completely agree! They go with EVERYTHING! I loved them as soon as they made an appearance and already own 3, lol

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