Scarf Styling Series: Episode 2

Posted by KRISTEN BIBBY on

Hi Everyone!
Spring is a mere ten days away, but the cool weather in Toronto today doesn't seem to be aware of that! When it's chilly outside, I like to wrap my scarf close to my neck for ultimate coverage, while still looking chic. While you may already be familiar with the Loop, Pull & Twist knot, perhaps the way I demonstrate will be slightly easier than what you have doing before? Or not. Either way, let's hope some value can be passed on!
All you have to do is...
1. Fold your scarf in half and wrap it half way around from the back of your neck
2. Pull one end of the scarf through the loop
3. Twist the top of the loop once
4. Pull the other end of the scarf through the loop again
5. Adjust as knot around your neck as necessary, ensuring you can see the knot
Happy Scarf Styling : )

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