Scarf Styling Series: Episode 1

Posted by KRISTEN BIBBY on

Hi scarf lovers! I'm going to start a scarf styling series that will provide short and sweet videos on how to wear a scarf using simple techniques with minimal fuss. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration to get you styling up your scarves!

In this first video, I'm showing you how to wear a large square scarf in a waterfall front tie knot:

1. Simply fold a square scarf into a triangle

2. Wrap the scarf around you once with the pointed end of the triangle hanging to the center of your body 

3. Grab the ends of the scarf and tie them in a single knot either in front or to the side. 


So simple, right? And for anyone that's interested in this specific scarf I'm tying, you can find it here.

Thanks for watching and feel free to leave any comments on what other scarf knots you would like to see styled :)

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