Scarf Trends for 2016-17

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If you follow the runways from New York all the way to London, Paris and beyond, then you've noticed that scarves continue to be here in a very big way. Trends come and go, but I love that scarves never go out of style. They’re just so functional in nature! They add the perfect touch of femininity to any combination of garments, from the lovely dresses to the slouchier oversized tailoring. 

In spirit of this year coming to a close, I'd like to summarize some of my favourite scarf trends seen on all the street-style fashion icons (like Blair Eadie and Oliva Palermo) and what is predicted to spill over into 2017. Here are six of my most-loved scarf trends for 2016/17:  


Skinny scarves have been everywhere – one of Kate Moss’ key pieces long before the world became sartorially obsessed with the 70s movement. While these narrow pieces of fabric hold little practical value with the cooler months looming, they’re the perfect accent piece to finish any outfit. I've seen (and bought) many blouses this season that have skinny scarves appended to them. They look great tied into a bow or looped through once and left hanging.


These scarves can substitute the decorative accents that statement jewellery achieve so well. It doesn’t stop at your neck either – throw them on your bag straps (as seen on the scarf and bag combo at the Altuzarra show) or wear them on your wrists!


Oversized scarves offer the most versatility to tie, knot and wrap in endless ways. There's so much fabric to play with! Romantic bows are a huge styling trend at the moment, but they also look so good hung around your neck and belted, or tied in a standard european knot with the long tails hanging.


I love that blanket scarves are still going strong this year. They are perfect to wear during transitional weather, and look as glamorous as they are practical.


Bring out your furry scarves, stoles and swinging tails when the cold weather hits! Furs add that glamorous touch of elegance. You can throw them over your coats, wrap them around your neck or wear them with a chunky knit open cardigan. I'm really liking so many of the faux furs out there right now and am amazed how far designers have come to make them look and feel so real! 


Chunky knits will promise you that extra-warmth and chic when it gets chilly out there. If you pick up an oversized cable knit, wrap them around your neck once, allowing one end to hang off your shoulder or snuggle your neck into several layered loops. An infinity or cowl neck cable knit is also a fabulous and practical accessory to keep you warm!

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